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Student Technology Survey Results for Mr. Turner's Classes- Saint Ignatius High School

As a follow up to the Saint Ignatius High School Technology Committee's 1996 surveys, I have surveyed my students at the beginning of each of the last five school years. These are some highlights from the results of these surveys.

In reading these charts, please keep in mind that:

  1. these were surveys of the students I teach only, not of our entire school population.

  2. in 1996, 94 of 96 students responded, in 1997, 93 of 95 students responded, in 1998, 91 of 91 students responded, in 1999,  121 of 121 students responded, in 2000, 105 of 105 students responded, in 2001 83 out of 83 students responded, in 2002 76 out of 79 students responded, and in 2003 79 out of 79 responded.

  3. the percentages given represent the percentage of all possible students (out of 96, 95, 91, 121, 105, and 83 families for 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001 respectively) not the percentage of families that responded nor the percentage of families answering a particular question.

New! Original comparison spreadsheet data and charts are now available in an HTML viewable form..

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Last Updated on 08/21/2003
By Milton Alan Turner
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