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Spanish II

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Saint Ignatius High School

Monday, May 31 -Friday, June 5, 2004


No classes


English and History exams


Final Exam: 9:25AM Room 227


Math and Theology exams


No classes

Click here for homework
For grades, click here to access www.edline.net (Access code required).
Click here for syllabus

bullet Somos Así: Listos- the site for Internet activities for the Spanish II textbook series
bulletSomos Así 2: Listos Electronic Resources Center- EMC Paradigm Spanish resources site containing self-check and review activities for the Spanish II textbook.
bulletEuro Bills and Coins- a guide to the new European currency to be circulated after January 1, 2002 (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).
bulletModern Languages Wireless Computer Cart
bulletNational AP Scores for the French, Spanish, and German Language and Literature exams 1995-2000.
bulletUn moment d'humour: A video "tribute" by my French III students from May 1998 (Requires RealPlayer®).
bulletVideo Contest Winners- See the videos of previous Foreign Language Week Video Contest winners. Requires RealPlayer®.
bulletEl pretérito y el imperfecto in HTML or RealVideo formats.
bulletComparison of my students' grades before and after the WWW
bulletStudent Technology Survey results (1996-2001)
bulletFaculty Technology Survey results (1997-2001)
bulletSpanish II Oral Final Exams- examples of Spanish II Second Semester Oral Finals; Requires RealPlayer®.
bulletSpanish I Oral Final Exams- examples of Spanish I Second Semester Oral Finals; Requires RealPlayer®.
bulletArabic Numbers from 0-10- sound files require RealPlayer®.
bulletThe World's Most Widely Spoken Languages- also includes data and charts by population and countries.
bulletEurodicautom- a web-based translation dictionary for Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Finnish
bulletEncarta Language Learning Online- Microsoft site containing resources, evaluation exam, and courses in French and Spanish
bulletLanguage Connect- Syracuse Language System's Language Lesson web site for daily lessons in French, Spanish, Italian, and German.
bulletThe New Oxford Dictionary of English from America Online (UK)

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