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French II, III, IV, AP IV, Spanish I, II, Linguistics

Mr. Turner- Saint Ignatius High School

Follow the guidelines in the Student Handbook and those provided by the teacher. Please keep these guidelines in your French/Spanish notebook or folder for easy ready reference. A simple rule to follow is to use common sense and respect.

Tardiness is absolutely unacceptable without an admit slip from someone authorized to give one. If you are not silent, in your seat, with your jacket off, French/Spanish book(s) on your desk and ready to work when the bell rings, you are tardy.

Please avoid being absent. If you do miss a class, call a classmate to get missed work, assignments, etc. You will be provided with a list of phone numbers for the entire class. You are expected to take your French/Spanish/Linguistics texts and notebooks home every night for regular review. Not having the appropriate books will not be accepted as a reason for missed homework.

Never miss doing it! There are no excuses, including absence. If there is a legitimate reason for missing homework (the teacher determines the legitimacy), it must be turned in the day after you return.

Information about assignments can be obtained via the Internet at http://www.ignatius.edu/Turner/ or via voice mail at (216) 651-0222 between 6:00pm and 7:30am. To access the homework voice mail message, dial 411, then TUR (887), then 1 to confirm. I can also be contacted via e-mail at MTurner@ignatius.edu or MAT@aol.com.

All written work must include your name, the date, and class period. Unless instructed to do otherwise by the teacher, homework should be done on ruled 8½ x 11 inch paper and written in ink. All compositions are to be double-spaced (skip lines). Your written work should be neat, clean, and a source of personal pride.

In French/Spanish class, you are given no credit for doing homework. It is what you are expected to do.

Missed homework counts heavily against you. For example, if you earn a 91.5 (a B+) during a grading period, one missed homework automatically lowers your grade by one letter step to a B. Two missed homeworks automatically lower your grade by two letter steps to a B-.

Homework does not merely refer to written work. Homework means anything done outside of the classroom, including reading, review, oral preparation and anything else non-written. Homework is your key to success. It allows you to practice the tasks you will be required to perform in class, in oral presentations, and on quizzes, tests, and exams.

Normally, quizzes, tests, and exams are announced in advance. However, the teacher does reserve the right to give unannounced quizzes and tests.

All grades (except French IV) given will be semester grades. First and third quarter grades are essentially progress reports.

French IV is composed of four quarter courses. The semester grades will be an average of the two quarter grades.

The weighted value of your grade will be as follows:

25% Orals
50% Tests
25% Final
20% Orals
20% Comps
40% Tests
20% Final
First Semester
50% Composition/ 
 Conversation Quarter
50% History Quarter

Second Semester
50% Literature Quarter
50% Culture Quarter

50% Compositions
25% Quizzes/Tests
25% Final
25% Orals
50% Tests
25% Final

Test averages include the quiz average weighted as an additional test. The lowest percentage quiz score will be dropped each semester before calculating this average. Students with a semester average below a C- will receive a grade of NP (Not Proficient) and will be required to repeat that semester.

Every day in class, you must have two pens, paper, notebook, assignment book, appropriate text(s) and any other item(s) the teacher may instruct you to bring. In addition, French III and IV students are required to have a dictionary. The Harrap’s Concise or the Webster’s New World are recommended. Copies of either edition will be available for purchase through the Saint Ignatius Bookstore.

Certain computer software is available for student use. Please consult the chart below. Those that are marked "free" can be copied from the school network. See teacher for details and instructions. The others may be purchased from the Bookstore.

Language Title Level Format Price
French French Computerized Grammar I and II I, II, III, IV, AP IBM or Apple IIe free
Spanish Spanish Computerized Grammar I and II I, II, III, IV, AP IBM or Apple IIe free
French Système-D Version 3.0 CD-ROM III, IV, AP IBM or Mac $35
Spanish Atajo Version 3.0 CD-ROM III, IV, AP IBM or Mac $35
Spanish Somos Así 1, 2 CD-ROM I, II IBM or Mac $50

For additional software recommendations, please contact the teacher.

In general, I do not like extra credit because it tends take the emphasis away from in-class and homework assignments. Consequently, it is rarely given. On these rare occasions, the teacher will approve the project, determine its potential value, and establish the time frame in which it must be completed. No unapproved extra-credit projects will be accepted at any time. No projects will be approved the final week of a marking period. No extra credit will be given when any assignment is missing. Always consult with the teacher first.



Demonstrates Excellence

bulletSTRONG control of the language
bulletProficiency and variety in grammatical and syntactical usage
bulletFew significant errors
bulletBroad command of vocabulary and of idiomatic French/Spanish

Demonstrates Competence

bulletGOOD control of grammatical structures
bulletSome errors and/or awkwardness of style
bulletAppropriate use of idioms and vocabulary
bulletReads smoothly overall

Suggests Competence

bulletFAIR ability speak/write in French/Spanish
bulletCorrect use of simple grammatical structures or use of more complex structures allowing or a few errors
bulletSome apt vocabulary/idioms; Occasional signs of fluency or sense of style

Suggests Incompetence

bulletWEAK use of language with little control of grammatical structures
bulletLimited vocabulary; Frequent use of anglicisms which force interpretation on the part of the teacher
bulletOccasional redeeming features

Demonstrates Incompetence

bulletCLEARLY UNACCEPTABLE from most points of view
bulletAlmost total lack of vocabulary resources
bulletLittle or no sense of idiom and/or style
bulletEssentially gallicized/hispanicized English or charabia/algarabía

Rev. 8/01

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