Somos Así 2: Listos- Scope and Sequence






Capítulo 1

·         Talk about technology

·         Seek and provide personal information

·         Describe the weather

·         State what is happening right now

·         Talk about everyday activities

·         Discuss ecological problems

·         Talk about the future

·         Discuss schedules

·         Compare quantity, quality, age, and size

·         Talk about the past

·         Refer to what has just happened

School, home, technology and communications

The present indicative

The present progressive

The verbs seguir and conseguir

Comparatives and superlative

The preterite tense

Direct object pronouns

Indirect object pronouns

Double object pronouns

Capítulo 2

·         Talk about everyday activities

·         Seek and provide personal information

·         Discuss personal grooming

·         Point something out

·         Recognize and identify Hispanic influences in the US

·         Identify items in a bathroom

·         Discuss health

·         Give and take instructions

·         Identify parts of the body

Home, bathroom, doctor’s office, United States

Reflexive verbs

The object pronoun se

Demonstrative adjectives

Demonstrative pronouns

Reflexive constructions

Verbs after prepositions


Capítulo 3

·         Ask for and give directions

·         Identify places in a city

·         Discuss what is sold in specific stores

·         Tell someone what to do

·         Order from a restaurant menu

·         Advise and suggest

·         Discuss whom and what people know

·         Tell others what not to do

·         Identify parts of a car

City, restaurants, specialty stores, cars and traffic, Mexico

Informal commands

Formal and plural commands

Commands with nosotoros

The verbs saber and conocer

Negative commands

Capítulo 4

·         Talk about activities at a special event

·         Identify animals

·         Express quantities

·         Indicate past intentions

·         Add emphasis to a description

·         Discuss nationality

·         Recognize and express size

·         State possession

Amusement park, zoo, circus, El Salvador, Honduras

The imperfect tense

The imperfect tense of the verbs ser, ir, and ver

The endings –ísimo, -ito

Position of adjectives

Possessive adjectives

Capítulo 5

·         Talk about what someone remembers

·         Seek and provide personal information

·         Describe clothing

·         Identify food

·         Use metric weights and measures

·         Read and order from a menu

·         Write about the past

·         Express opinions

·         Ask for advice

·         State what is happening at a specific time

·         Express length of time

·         Discuss food preparation

Home, restaurant, shopping, Cuba, Caribbean

The imperfect tense

The present tense of the verbs reír and freír

Irregular verbs in the preterite tense

The imerfect progressive tense

Adverbs ending in –mente

Hace + (time) + que

Hacía + (time) + que

Capítulo 6

·         Tell someone what to do

·         Report what others say

·         State wishes and preferences

·         Describe a household

·         Express uncertainty and doubt

·         Express emotion and state hopes

Home, Bolivia

The subjunctive mood

The subjunctive with indirect commands

Irregular verbs in the subjunctive

The subjunctive with verbs of doubt and emotion

Capítulo 7

·         Talk about the news

·         Discuss a television broadcast

·         Describe people and objects

·         Identify sections of newspapers and magazines

·         Relate two events in the past

·         Discuss a radio broadcast

·         Talk about soccer

·         Add emphasis to a description

Newspapers, television, radio, sports stadium, Uruguay, Paraguay

The present perfect and past participles

The past perfect

The passive voice

Capítulo 8

·         Plan vacations

·         Talk about the future

·         Express uncertainty or probability

·         Make travel and lodging arrangements

·         Identify people and items associated with travel

·         Talk about schedules

·         Use the twenty-four hour clock

·         Express logical conclusions

·         Write about hopes and dreams

Hotels, airport, travel agency, Spain

The future tense

The future tense of irregular verbs

The conditional tense

Capítulo 9

·         Seek and provide information about careers

·         Talk about hopes and dreams

·         Advise and suggest

Workplace, countries of the world

Uses of the verb haber

The past subjunctive

Capítulo 10

·         Write about everyday life

·         Talk about contemporary Hispanic culture

University, workplace, countries around the world

Compound (perfect) tenses