Sections 54 & 55

Class Time (one semester hour)

Monday 4:30 – 5:50PM Room: MC 233



Milton Alan Turner


WWW: or

WWW enabled cell phones:



There is no prerequisite for this class.



There are no required texts.



You will need at least two (2) and probably more 3.5” high-density (HD) floppy disks.  Students will be required to turn in some assignments on disk.


Course Description:

The technology strand is intended to ensure that all students develop basic technology skills needed for graduate coursework, especially EDB 601 Educational Research.


The course consists of five modules:


  1. Operating Systems (Macintosh and Windows 95/98)
  2. Searching the World Wide Web (Netscape)
  3. Electronic Mail (Eudora Light)
  4. Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
  5. Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel)


The first module is both Macintosh- and Windows-based.  The last four modules may be completed in either the Macintosh or Windows environment.  All students must demonstrate a mastery of all five modules by passing a hands-on test for each module.  This may be done with or without attending any of the instructional lab sessions.



There are three major routes to completing each module:



Course Goals:

  1. Students will explore the various technology-based information for their learning and research.
  2. Students will identify and understand the strengths and weaknesses of educational uses of computers and information technology.
  3. Students will select appropriate uses of information technology for specific purposes.
  4. Students will integrate technology skills into educational research and learning.
  5. Students will share resources and their learning experiences via e-mail with others.


Course Objectives:

Students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate mastery of basic operating systems that perform functions necessary for educational research.
  2. be comfortable using popmail and e-mail as a tool for learning and communicating.
  3. find and download web-based resources for your educational research.
  4. create and edit a research paper in a professional format.
  5. develop a spreadsheet to organize data, complete calculations, and interpret data.



Upon successful completion of all five modules, you will receive the letter grade earned for the other three credits of EDB 601.  If you fail to complete all five modules during this semester, you will receive a grade of “incomplete” (“I”) in EDB 601.  Upon completion of any unresolved modules during the next academic semester, your grade of “I” will be changed to reflect the letter grade earned for the other three credits of EDB 601.


Class Schedule:


August 28

Introduction and Overview

September 4

No classes (Labor Day)

September 11

Testing Day

September 19

Operating Systems (Macintosh)

September 25

Operating Systems (Windows)

October 2

OS review and testing day

October 9

No classes (Columbus Day)

October 16


October 23

World Wide Web

October 30

WWW and e-mail review and testing day

November 6

Word processing (Word)

November 13

Spreadsheets (Excel)

November 20

Spreadsheets (Excel)

November 27

Word and Excel Review and Tests

December 4

All testing modules due