EDB601 Tech Strand: Required Competencies

Supplies: Each student will need two 3 1/2" double-sided, high-density (DS/HD) unformatted floppy disks. These disks are required for assignments. They can be purchased in MC203 (687-6928) or at CSU bookstore (687-2128).


Module 1 - OS: User interface and file handling, both MacOS and Win95/98

1. Correct booting and shutdown procedures

2. Interpreting the symbols on the desktop

3. Formatting floppy disks

4. Working with a mouse

5. Manipulating windows (size and placement)

6. Using scroll bars

7. Setting preferences

8. Launching and moving between multiple programs

9. Naming and saving files in different locations

10. Organizing files

11. Copying files

12. Deleting files

13. Finding misplaced files

[It is assumed that you can navigate continually back and forth between the two operating systems (OS), emphasizing the similarities and differences point by point.]


Module 2 - WWW: Using Netscape and the World Wide Web, either Mac or Windows

1. Nature of the World Wide Web

2. Starting and stopping a Web browser

3. Getting around on a page

4. URLs and moving around on the Web


6. Locating information (directories and search engines)

7. Saving and copying information from the Web

8. Printing material found on the Web


Module 3 - E-mail: Using POPmail and Eudora for e-mail, either Mac or Windows

1. Launching, connecting, shutting down

2. Checking and reading e-mail

3. Proper addressing, replying and sending

4. Nicknames and the address book

5. Adding and reading attachments

6. Moving content between e-mail and other programs

7. Printing e-mail


Module 4 - Word: Word processing with Microsoft Word, either Mac or Windows

1. Launching and shutting down Word

2. Entering and editing text

3. Creating and modifying document formats

4. Adding headers, footers and footnotes

5. Creating lists and outlines

6. Saving files

7. Creating stylesheets

8. Using the text ruler to set tabs, indents, line spacing, paragraph alignment, number of columns

9. Copying and pasting within and outside Word

10. Printing


Module 5 - Excel: Spreadsheet basics with Excel, either Mac or Windows

1. Basic spreadsheet concepts (colum, row, cell, cell address)

2. Using the formula bar to enter and edit data

3. Filling down and across

4. Using functions and formulas

5. Creating tables


6. Resizing columns and rows


7. Formatting numbers


8. Creating charts


9. Copying and pasting within and outside Excel


10. Printing spreadsheets